Citybikes API

CityBikes is an application that provides bike sharing networks information in numerous countries. Users can search by location to find bike sharing networks, locations, and information.

The CityBikes API allows developers to access and integrate the CityBikes data and functionality for integration with other applications. API methods include searching and retrieving bike sharing network information and IDs.


The ODEMapster processor which generates Semantic Web instances from relational instances, is based on the mapping descriptions expressed in an R2RML ( document. ODEMapster offers two modes of execution: Query driven upgrade (on-the-fly query translation) and massive upgrade batch process that generates all possible Semantic Web individuals from the data repository.


The unique hybrid server architecture of Virtuoso enables it to offer traditionally distinct server functionality within a single product offering that covers the following areas:

  • Relational Data Management

  • RDF Data Management

  • XML Data Management

  • Free Text Content Management & Full Text Indexing

  • Document Web Server

  • Linked Data Server

  • Web Application Server

  • Web Services Deployment (SOAP or REST)


GSN (Global Sensor Networks) is a database software middleware designed to facilitate the deployment and programming of sensor networks. The software takes data (either directly from a sensor or from a CSV file), enters it into a database and provides a web-based query interface.