The INNPRONTA project CIUDAD 2020 aims to achieve significant advances in the areas of energy efficiency, internet of the future (IoF), internet of the things (IoT), human behavior, environmental sustainability and mobility & transport in order to design the city of the future: sustainable, smart and efficient.

CIUDAD2020 conceives, designs and implements a new paradigm of smart, sustainable and efficient city around three fundamental axes: Energy and Efficiency, Mobility and Transport, and Environmental Control. The Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) and iSOCO are involved as a participant in the project by publishing data related to these three axes. Published sources are made available as RDF (Resource Description Framework) knowledge bases according to the Linked Data principles.

Case Study: Bicycle Sharing Systems

Bicycle sharing systems in different cities all over the world have made their data available in the Web. Bike rental stations are distributed in different points in the citty and a system usually allows the user to pick up a bike at any station and drop it off at any (other) station. the goal of this case study is to publish up-to-date linked data about the availability of bikes and free slots in the stations of the different systems, and links to related resources like travel guides and points of interest, e.g. museums, restaurants.

Currently there is an API,, that allows the deployment of data about each sharing system either in JSON or in HTML format. Wrappers have been developed to extract the data of each system (Project Pybikes). Examples of applications include the displaying the information on Android, and the generation of Javascript code that can be used to render maps in a Web page. However, by exploiting the benefits of linked data, applications can be enhanced and users may explore not only static and dynamic data of bike sharing systems, but also related (geo)linked information.

About us

This initiative has been developed by Ontology Engineering Group (OEG)

Ontology Engineering Group

and iSOCO


This work is being funded by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial as part of the INNPRONTA Spanish National Research Program.